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Who Are The AnswerGirls?


AnswerGirls - Advice Books for Women

The AnswerGirls are a team of talented, spunky and funny women. Coming from many different careers, ages and experiences, these Kindle-packin' mamas have a take on life that's straight to the point on the outside, feisty and flip on the inside. Together, they have a solution for most of the problems plaguing modern women. From dating and marriage to parenthood, family and work, the AnswerGirls cover it all.

"Speaking woman-to-woman, the AnswerGirls teach you how to bite back and take what you deserve while looking like a lady. Learn what it takes to get ahead in today's world while enjoying life to the fullest. AnswerGirls' books support the sisterhood with the goal of putting all women on the path to a better life."

Busting Sadness; Your Ticket To A Happy LifeBusting Sadness - Your Ticket To A Happy Life

There are lots of things in life that can bring a woman down. Heartbreak, hurt feelings, embarrassments, family bullies, cruel co-workers, rude relatives and unhappy events are just a few issues that will bring most women to tears.

But, it's where you focus your attitude after that event that determines how long the sadness will hang around.  Busting Sadness; Your Ticket To A Happy Life  reveals the female secret for making the attitude adjustments that will quickly bring an end to the blues.

It will teach you how to handle negative people and situations, some simple tricks to help you break the worry habit, useful phrases that will put an end to nosy questions, how to close the lid on your past, what you need to do if you want to build a happy home, how to spot, avoid and control happiness-busting situations, and a whole lot more! ($8.95 Retail)

Win Your Arguments Without Being Labeled A BitchWin Your Arguments Without Being Labeled A Bitch

If you could win your arguments--including squabbles with your lover, disputes with your parents, tiffs with the kids, disagreements with your boss, spats with your grumpy neighbor, quarrels with your co-workers, fallings-out between friends--what amazing power you'd have. Win Your Arguments--Without Being Labeled A Bitch by the AnswerGirls teaches you a can't-miss formula for winning arguments.

And since the art of winning arguments is essentially the art of negotiation, this book will also equip you with negotiating skills that you'll use for life. Whether you're in business, arguing with your spouse, battling teenagers, running for public office or just dealing with life, this AnswerGirls book will give you the upper edge in verbal spats.

Learn how to recognize different types of arguments, how to turn an argument into a negotiation, why some arguments aren't worth the effort, how to take charge from the start, why tone matters, how to rewrite your opponents' statements into a positive spin, and how to use and interpret body language to get your point across. All of these are very useful techniques for any woman. ($8.95 Retail)


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