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3 Tax Recordkeeping Systems for Self-Employed People



Do My Business Taxes Please by KiKi CanniffNo matter how good a tax preparer is, if an independent contractor does not provide all of the necessary information that tax return will be wrong. And, that individual will either pay too much tax or fail an IRS tax audit, if selected.

Do My Business Taxes Please; A Financial Organizer for Self-Employed Individuals & Their Tax Preparers will help to insure that you don't overlook important tax information. It was designed to give tax professionals and their self-employed clients a simple preparation tool and explains how to document business activities as well as self-employment income and expenses. This system requires no computer, special math or bookkeeping skills; the book includes all of the forms you will need for tracking a year's worth of income and expenses.

Written in easy-to-understand terms, this organizer will work for any self-employed individual. And, once it's filled out, it will contain everything necessary for filing a Schedule C tax return. Simple forms have been included for tracking income, inventory and expenses in a manner that will satisfy both the IRS and those tax professionals working to prepare Schedule C tax returns for small business owners. (Retail $16.95)

"... the best organized set of instructions (with forms) and the easiest set of directions for completing your taxes I have ever seen. I highly recommend it to anyone who is starting their own business, especially to those entrepreneurs who are moving from a hobby to a business." Amazon Reviewer


30 Minutes to a Better Business by KiKi CanniffIndependent contractors looking for a simple way to handle business recordkeeping on a regular basis will love 30 Minutes to a Better Business;  A Monthly Financial Organizer for the Self-Employed Individual by KiKi Canniff. It requires no computer or bookkeeping knowledge.

Although this organizer is designed to be used monthly it will also work for getting on top of business finances quarterly or semi-annually, which can be helpful when the bank requests a financial statement. When used regularly most independent contractors will be done with their recordkeeping in less than 30 minutes each month, but the biggest time-saver is realized when tax time rolls around; with this system it should take you less than an hour to get ready for your tax professional. All of the forms you will need are contained in this book along with tips on how to use that information to improve your bottom line. (Retail $16.95)

"WOW! KiKi has done a fantabulous job of keeping the information in a very simple format so anyone can understand it. I wish I had this book when I started my business 40 years ago, it would have made my record keeping so much easier." Amazon Reviewer


Annual Tax Mess Organizer for Self-Employed People by KiKi CanniffThis is the solution for small business owners who let everything wait until tax time. The basic volume, the Annual Tax Mess Organizer for Self-Employed People & Independent Contractors, will work for all professions plus there are 7 industry-specific versions too. ($16.95 Retail)

Every volume explains exactly what the IRS expects of a self-employed person, what you can and cannot deduct, how to track inventory, expand your business on tax savings and keep audit-proof records. You will learn how to simplify your recordkeeping process and get ready quickly at tax time. For those who have always done their own personal tax return there's even a chapter on how to fill out the IRS Small Business Schedule C Tax Form.

KiKi has written 7 industry-specific Annual Tax Mess Organizers but this basic version will work for everyone. Consultants, wedding planners, repair people, herb gardeners, computer repair technicians, web designers, tattoo artists and other small business owners will find it packed with helpful information. The examples in this volume cover a variety of professions and tax issues, and can be applied to most self-employment situations. Industry-specific organizers are show below.

"The kind of tax help I have needed for years. Simplifies tax season to the point a child could do it." Amazon Reviewer

Annual Tax Mess Organizer for Barbers, Hair Stylists & Salon OwnersThe examples in the Annual Tax Mess Organizer for Barbers, Hair Stylists & Salon Owners cover a variety of difficult situations that professional cosmetologists, barbers and salon owners may find themselves in at tax time including how to document income and tips, make the most out of deductions, track beauty shop inventory and report chair rent. It's the perfect tax-time tool for every hair professional who is working as an independent contractor or running their own beauty shop. ($16.95 Retail)

"I love this book!! I'm a cosmetologist, I didn't know where to put some things but this book was a great guide. The layout was very easy to follow." Amazon Reviewer

Annual Tax Mess Organizer for Independent Building Trade Contractors by KiKi CanniffIndependent roofers, drywallers, framers, tilers, masons and others working in the building trade will love the Annual Tax Mess Organizer for Independent Building Trade Contractors by KiKi Canniff. Each independent contractor working in the building trade will find lots of examples for their particular profession. This organizer explains how to get on top of a year's worth of paperwork quickly, teaches you a simple method for organizing small business receipts, and explains exactly what the IRS expects of a self-employed person working in the building trade. ($16.95 Retail)

"Great information!!! Every independent contractor needs this book. The step by step process is amazing, it shows where to post everything." Amazon Reviewer

Annual Tax Mess Organizer for Massage Therapists, Estheticians and Spa Owners by KiKi CanniffThe Annual Tax Mess Organizer for Massage Therapists, Estheticians & Spa Owners by KiKi Canniff explains how to handle everything from retail inventory and supply purchases to deducting mileage and the cost of washing massage table linens. All of the examples in this book are real-case massage and spa situations. ($16.95 Retail)

"I bought this book to get my head wrapped around organizing for taxes. It has helped clarify thing that I had questions about. I would recommend it for a new self employed Esthetician or Massage Therapist." Amazon Reviewer

Annual Tax Mess Organizer for Nail Techs, Manicurists & Salon Owners by KiKi CanniffThe examples in this industry-specific Annual Tax Mess Organizer for Nail Techs, Manicurists & Salon Owners by KiKi Canniff pertain only to the nail care industry. Learn how to report income, tips and expenses, track inventory and mileage, grow your business with pre-tax dollars, prepare your own tax return, and deal with special tax situations like space rent and self-employment taxes. ($16.95 Retail)

"Very useful. I followed this book every step of the way, submitted my taxes and everything is all good. Taxes next year will definitely be a breeze." Amazon Reviewer


Annual Tax Mess Organizer for Home Party Sales Reps by KiKi CanniffThe Annual Tax Mess Organizer for Sales Consultants & Home Party Sales Reps by KiKi Canniff was written to make tax time easier for men and women involved in direct sales. The tax information and examples in this organizer include a variety of situations that independent sales reps may find themselves dealing with at tax time. Whether you sell cosmetics, gourmet foods, scrapbooking supplies, vitamins or any other item, this Annual Tax Mess Organizer will make tax recordkeeping easy. ($16.95 Retail)

"Great resource!! Everything definitely makes more sense and easier to do while following this book." Amazon Reviewer

Annual Tax Mess Organizer for the Marijuana-Cannabis Industry by KiKi CanniffNow that marijuana is on its way to becoming legal in many states America's growers, dispensary owners, bakers, trimmers and everyone else involved in this emerging industry will need to file income tax returns. The Annual Tax Mess Organizer for the Cannabis/Marijuana Industry by KiKi Canniff teaches you how to keep business records, what you can and cannot deduct in this industry, how to document your income, and includes lots of tips that will soon have you paying less tax. Your accountant will love this book because it teaches you exactly what he/she will need in order to prepare your tax return. ($16.95 Retail)

"A really good book ... makes it easy and simple. With the cannabis industry coming alive this book is a must have even if you are a vendor. Highly recommend!" Amazon Reviewer

Annual Tax Mess Organizer for Writers, Artists, Self-Publishers & CraftspeopleThis Annual Tax Mess Organizer for Writers, Artists, Self-Publishers and Craftspeople is for entertainers and creative individuals who are self employed or doing full-time freelance work. It explains what creative people are allowed to deduct at tax time, how to document creative income, when you can take research and travel expenses, and how to pay less tax while building your creative business on pre-tax dollars. ($16.95 Retail)

"Exactly what we full-time creative need to do our taxes ... it could have been titled 'Everything you've always wanted to know about taxes but were too lazy to ask.'" Amazon Reviewer

Part-time creative people should use Creativity is My Business.


KiKi Canniff is a retired tax consultant who enjoys teaching small business owners how to navigate the tax laws that control their income. An Indie Publisher since 1981 KiKi has always run a one-woman shop so in 2001 she began a new line of books that would show self-employed people how to pay less tax. Although KiKi no longer prepares tax returns she still studies tax law, attends tax seminars and follows tax court cases so that she can continue to provide current and reliable tax recordkeeping information in her books.

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