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Books About Oregon, Washington & Northwest Golf



Sauvie Island; A Step Back in Time by KiKi CanniffFor centuries visitors have come to Sauvie Island, a 24,000 acre rural paradise situated where the Willamette and Columbia Rivers meet -- 12 miles north of Portland, Oregon. Early explorers wrote about the island's friendly native population, its plentiful but noisy waterfowl and natural beauty in their journals. The waterfowl are still plentiful and the natural beauty  relatively unchanged.

Modern visitors are drawn by the 13,000 acre Sauvie Island Wildlife Management Area's flat hiking trails, wide sandy beaches, plentiful waterfowl and rural charm. Visitors who know where to look can also explore the island's rich history; one  that includes a wealthy tribe of Native American residents, visits by famous explorers, the roots of Oregon's statehood, and the Willamette Valley's first town site.

Sauvie Island; A Step Back in Time by KiKi Canniff will help you to enjoy all of Sauvie Island's recreational opportunities. It shows you where to hike, picnic, sunbathe, swim, hunt and fish, as well as how to find the island's historic areas, explore the island by boat and when the best time is to come for u-pick crops and annual events. ($14.95 Retail)

(June 2016 Edition Now Available)

The Northwest Golfer; Washington EditionThe Northwest Golfer; Washington Edition by KiKi Canniff provides complete details on every golf course that allows public play in the state of Washington. Unless you're looking for membership in a private club, this is the only guide a Washington golfer will ever need. June 2016 Edition Available.

This book makes it easy to quickly locate any Washington course either by name or location. Each listing includes a quick reference line showing the yardage, par, number of holes and price range, reservation phone number and website address. This is followed by descriptions of the course terrain, special features, scenic beauty, current green fees, rental rates and discounts as well as what it costs to rent golf clubs and carts, use the practice facilities and driving range, directions and other information. ($16.95 Retail)

"Very informative ... very helpful in scheduling golfing trips. It helps to know what the cost will be and when the courses are open during the year." Amazon Reviewer


The Northwest Golfer; Oregon Edition by KiKi CanniffJune 2016 Edition Available. Oregon golfers will find The Northwest Golfer; Oregon Edition by KiKi Canniff indispensable. It allows golfers to quickly locate every Oregon course where the public can play by name or location. Each listing starts off with a quick reference line showing you the course yardage, par, holes, price range, reservation phone number and website address. This is followed by the terrain description, special course features, the scenic beauty value of the course and surroundings, current green fees, rental rates and discounts.

You'll also discover which courses offer practice facilities, lessons and banquet rooms, driving range prices, and what types of food and drink are available at the course, as well as how to get there. ($16.95 Retail)

"I really like the way Canniff has presented the information. Easy to read and great research. Every golfer should have a copy." Amazon Reviewer


KiKi Canniff has been writing books about Oregon and Washington since 1981. Her first was a limited edition book about a historic Oregon island where she was living at the time. With that first title Sauvie Island; A Step Back in Time KiKi made the move from writing articles for major magazines to writing outdoor books. An updated edition of that first book was released in 2014.

For nearly two decades KiKi spent her time exploring Oregon and Washington, and writing guides to the region's campgrounds, free attractions, historic sites, natural areas, museums, caves, hiking trails, waterfalls and golf courses. Local newspapers referred to her as the Camper's Guru. Although most of these early outdoor titles are now out of print they are still hotly traded in the region's used bookstores.

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