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Tax Help for Creative People, Gamblers & Military Personnel



Creativity is My Business by KiKi CanniffCreativity is My Business; A Financial Organizer for Freelance Artists, Musicians, Photographers, Writers and Other Talented Individuals takes the mystery out of income taxes. The IRS classifies all creative activities as a hobby, claiming that people who write, play music, take pictures, create art or sell their crafts do it for fun, especially when that individual only works at it part time. There are no tax benefits to working at a hobby, since the hobbyist is not allowed to use IRS small business rules to build their business or lower their overall income tax bill.

This book teaches part-time creative people how to avoid the hobby label, what they can and cannot deduct at tax time, hen to deduct travel and research expenses, how to document their creative activities, and what it takes to survive a tax audit. No computer, special math or bookkeeping skills are required.

This organizer contains all of the forms necessary for regular recordkeeping, preparing annual income and expense figures for income tax preparation, and documenting time spent on creative activities. The creative freelancer simply posts all records into this organizer which can then be used by their tax preparer to produce an audit-proof tax return. ($16.95 Retail)

"Creativity is My Business is a valuable resource for the part-time creative professional." Amazon Reviewer


Annual Tax Mess Organizer for Writers, Artists, Self-Publishers and Craftspeople by KiKi CanniffThe Annual Tax Mess Organizer for Writers, Artists, Self-Publishers & Creative People by KiKi Canniff is perfect for people who hate doing paperwork. It teaches professional creative individuals how to get on top of tax-time paperwork quickly so that they can satisfy the IRS and get back to work. Step by step this tax organizer walks you through the sorting of your own receipts, explaining what the IRS expects, and helping you to get everything organized and ready for your tax preparer.

For those who have always done their own personal tax return there is even a chapter on how to fill out their small business Schedule C tax form. Self employment taxes, 1040 entries, and other deductions for the self employed are also explained. ($16.95 Retail)

"Great book! This book is a must if you write, publish or craft on your own. Filled with Tax Tips and great Advice." Amazon Reviewer


Gambling is My Business  by KiKi CanniffGambling is My Business; A Financial Organizer for Professional Card Players & Other Gamblers by KiKi Canniff is for men and women who are, or want to be, professional gamblers. It will show you how to track gambling income, explains what gamblers can and cannot deduct, and teaches you how to document gambling activities in a manner that will survive an IRS audit.

Tracking wins, losses and expenses for gambling is the same whether you're reporting hobby or business income. It must be done according to IRS rules if you expect to survive a tax audit and both professional and hobby gamblers will benefit from using this organizer to keep proper records. All of the forms necessary for recordkeeping, as well as preparing annual income and expense figures for tax preparation and documenting your time spent as a gambler are included. This system requires no special math or bookkeeping skill; the professional gambler simply posts all records into this organizer which can then be used by his or her tax preparer to produce an audit-proof return. ($16.95 Retail)


116 Tax Savvy Tips for Military Personnel by KiKi Canniff116 Tax Savvy Tips for Military Personnel by KiKi Canniff helps servicemen and women slash their tax bill forever. It explains IRS rules and exemptions written for military personnel, individuals and families in simple language, and teaches you how each type of military pay affects your tax bill, why serving in a combat zone can get you a bigger tax refund, which IRS rules are waived for military members, how state tax laws affect your pay, what military families can do to increase the size of their tax refund and what to do at tax time if a military member is killed.

You will learn about special rules for military members who sell or rent out the home they left behind, what to do about taxes when you are based overseas and your spouse earns foreign income, how to use income tax rules to help buy a home, how state and federal military bonuses are taxed, and which states give military retirees tax breaks on their pensions and other benefits. ($8.00 Retail)

"As a former member of the military this book would have been a big help as I tried to deal with my taxes every year. I found this book extremely helpful. This is a great help for anyone attempting to do their taxes on their own." Amazon Reviewer


KiKi Canniff is a retired tax consultant who enjoys teaching people how to use income tax laws to keep more money in their pocket. As a tax preparer she noticed a big difference in the income of people who understood how to use IRS rules to their advantage and those who didn't. The second group paid a lot more tax. And so she began a series of tax organizers for people trying to avoid the IRS hobby industry classification. In 2014 she also added a Tax Savvy Tips book for military personnel. Although she no longer prepares taxes KiKi still studies tax law, attends tax seminars and follows tax court cases so that she can continue to provide current and reliable tax information in her books.

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